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This is a fun game to make. You can get by with just one ladder, but we recommend making two. Note that these instructions do not address how to make Ladder Golf. That game is a bit different than ours, though similar.


For the ladders, simply get all the necessary PVC pipe and connectors, cut them to size, and glue them together as shown in the diagrams below. If you don't already have PVC cement, then of course you'll need to add that to the list.

For ease of storage, we keep our ladders in two sections, as shown in the diagrams. This allows you to lean the ladders against a wall in your shed or garage, or hang them from a hook. We've also made them so that no parts are glued, and they are completely disassembled and stored in one of those canvas bags that soccer chairs come in. This worked great to save space on a trip, but it's probably too much work to put it all together and take it apart on a regular basis.


A bolo is just two golf balls on a rope. The rope is 16" long. Each golf ball is about 1½" thick, so there is approximately 13" between the golf balls. Use nylon rope. This will allow you to burn the ends (instead of tying a knot) so the golf balls stay on.

We recommend that you not cut up the rope at first. Drill ¼" holes in all the balls first. Then string all the balls onto the rope. Then, one at a time, cut a 16" length of rope with two balls on it, and burn both ends. This is much easier than cutting all the ropes first and stringing the balls on all those small lengths.

Distance Rope:

The distance rope was a last minute add-on, but we have found it to be very valuable. This is simply a 16' length of rope with a golf ball on each end. We use this when setting up the game, to make sure that the ladders are the right distance apart. Without the distance rope, we never set up the ladders the same distance apart, and the game was more difficult to play as a result.


2 Ladders
1" PVC pipe 24'
¾" PVC pipe 24'
1" PVC elbows 8
¾" PVC elbows 4
¾" PVC T connectors 8
1" to ¾" PVC T connectors 4
4 Bolo Sets
golf balls, color #1 6
golf balls, color #2 6
golf balls, color #3 6
golf balls, color #4 6
¼" nylon rope 16'
Distance Rope
golf balls, white 2
¼" nylon rope 16'
- ladder

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